Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project 17 by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Rumored to be the place that perfected the lobotomy, Danvers State Hospital, abandoned and possibly haunted, is about to be torn down. Before that happens, though, six teenagers who aren't the closest of friends decide to break into the place and film a movie. For Derik, it is a chance to do something with his life other than flip burgers at his family's diner. For Mimi, it is a way to atone for the past. For Liza, it is something to do other than school work. For Chet, it's a chance to get out of the house for a night without suffering through his alcoholic dad's rants. For Tony and Greta, it is a chance to start their careers in the filming business.

Everyone has their own reason for going. But everyone has the same reason for wanting to leave- the place is haunted by spirits. Including, a patient whose journal they find and must help.

Even though it was a short read, I still consider myself breaking a personal record in finishing this book in a total of two days. I could not put it down. Even when I went out with my mom, I was trying to read the print with virtually no light. It creeped me out. Oh my goddess it creeped me out. By the end, I was stiff as my dog when she gets cold and goes into her little ball. I loved the book and, though I never re-read books in the interest of reading more books, I would definitely have to put this on my list of novels to reread later on. Loved it so much it officially got a:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer

If middle school sucked for Vlad then high school is a real drain. With bullies threatening him, his worrying over having messed up with Meredith, and his best friend's constantly being absent for other friends, Vlad isn't having the best time in ninth grade. He can't wait to go to Siberia with his uncle Otis to learn from an ancient vampire.
Vlad is a wimp. He can be really annoying a lot of time with his crying and whining. Not that he doesn't have anything to cry about with his parents being dead and all but seriously? Every freaking time the subject came up he "fought back tears". Some of the stuff could have been very touching if he didn't cry for 3/4 of the book.

I had to seriously make myself finish this book. I already have the next two books in the series and I want to figure out what happens but really... I don't know. I kind of want to find out what happens and I heard the books get better but...

Well I could go on forever about how this book sucked but someone else already took the words out of my keyboard when I went searching for other reviews on this book. Here's the link: Opinionated Me?

So, here's my review for the book:

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Tom lives with his mother and crippled sister Laura in a tenements in the 1930s. His mother is always in a reverie about her old days where she had seventeen gentlemen callers with the false hope that shy Laura will find a gentlemen caller to marry.

We just finished reading this play for school. I really enjoyed it. Though some of the wording seems to go on for a while, it was lovely all the same. I liked the story and Laura was a likeable character while you can sympathize with Tom's need to to escape. I loved the symbollism with light and fire escapes.
Overall it's a good quick read if you like to read plays.

I give this play: